You might have seen darkness around your mouth area or perimeters of your face or post acne spot, all of these are referred to hyper-pigmentation. Or we can say hyperpigmentation Is the formation of dark patches on your face and in some cases on your body due to many reasons like acne. But before we get deep into this topic let me tell you how hyperpigmentation is caused.

Why it happens?

  Hyperpigmentation occurs when skin produces more melanin (pigment that gives skin colour) more than usual resulting in appearance of patchy skin which is darker than the rest of the face. It is mostly harmful but might represent some other medical condition in some cases.

Hyperpigmentation occurs in various types I.e.

Melasma which happens due to hormonal change mostly during pregnancy and areas are affected throughout the body.

Post inflammatory pigmentations this happens due to injury or inflammation. Most common type is acne spots which are left behind by acne.

Sun spots occurs due to excessive sun exposure mostly appear on hands, arms, face or other areas expose to sun.

How to prevent hyperpigmentation?

Well hyperpigmentation can be prevented easily by taking few measurements like

  • Lessen sun exposure Avoid sun as much as you can or wear full clothing. And sun screen is a must like absolutely MUST you cannot skip this step. My all time favourite sun screen is Solaris sunblock.
  • Picking acne Stop picking your acne. Or you will end up having post inflammatory pigmentation. Even it urges you a lot
  • Hormonal imbalances Can be treated with with medication directed by your physician.

How to treat this?

  Well in case you still got hyperpigmentation how you can treat this. Well treatment will take as short as 1.5moths to 3 months to get good results. To treat hyperpigmentation following ingredients you should look for in a product to work effectively.

  1. Vitamin C it is very effective to lighten scars, reduce hyperpigmentation also improves full complexion. It is ana amazing ingredients to look for in a brighting products. One of my fav bit C product is by The ordinary L-ascorbic acid powder which is pure vitamin C. Also any vitamin C in a clear container is not going to work.
  2. Hydroquinone product containing this also effective but I would recommend to use this as recommended by physician.
  3. Kojic Acid Also a very good brighting ingredient to look for in a product. It works really good for hyperpigmentation.
  4. Glutathione is very common ingredient in brighting product. If it is a good grade product this will show you really nice results. Ethiglo skin lighting cream also have this and does work nice on hyperpigmentation.
  5. Sunscreen if you are using any of the above ingredients in a product, you must wear a sunscreen otherwise you will not see the results and your skin is more prone to damaging than good.

Hope find this helpful. Let me know your favourite products for skin brighting in the comments below also share with your friends.