Natural and Chemical Skincare

Natural and Chemical Skincare

Aslamoalykum and hello people. So in this post I am going to be talking about NATURAL VS CHEMICAL Skincare. Pros and cons of each. Difference between the two, which is better which is not? Why one should choose any of these? So if you are interested keep on reading.

Let’s us start by telling you guys that there is no such thing as a chemical free skincare. YES you heard me right, even the natural skincare is a chemical skincare. Everything found on earth is made of chemicals. From water we drink, food we eat, oxygen we breathe everything is chemical.

Are natural products are safe?

With so many products in the market claiming that they are all natural and people forcing you to go all natural and by only natural skincare, are they really safe for skin? People always assume things coming from nature are always good for skin while man made things are always bad. So brands often take advantage of this by calling a product natural. Let’s have a look on few common misconception made by us.

  • Safety isn’t based on its origin where it is come from whether it is natural or man made. The idea that a chemical is safe just because it comes from nature is a lie. For example simple water is chemical also known as dihydrogen monoxide (H2O) can also made be made in the lab and can get from nature like cleanest glacier, but you cannot tell which is which. So idea that products from natural origin are always safe is not true.
  • An example can be petroleum jelly comes from petrol, is manmade. But where the petrol comes from? But why petroleum jelly is safe because it is purified by man to make it useful.
  • Similarly castor oil extracted from castor bean seed is toxic as it contains a chemical called Bryson. It is purified to make it useful.
  • Natural things like extracts are mixture of so many things but you only see few words for example cucumber extract but you don’t know what actually a cucumber extract is. A mixture of so many chemicals. Synthetic chemicals are purer because things have been separated from it to get a one desired product. So it doest matter the number of components in a product. What really matter is if it is toxic or not?

How to know which products is good and safe to use?

Unfortunately there is no rule which can tell what will work for you what will not. You might want to go all natural but the reality is that might work for some but for all. The thing is you have to see each ingredient and decide on its merit. Both Natural and synthetic chemical can be safe and both can be toxic.  For example oatmeal is natural and good for skin but poison ivy is also natural but gives rashes to the skin.

Vitamin C in beauty products is synthetic and is lovely for skin but same sodium lauryl sulfate is natural and bad for skin. Sometimes similar ingredient from a particular source can have different effects for example iron oxide pigments are found in nature but are synthetically produce to be used in beauty products. Because natural iron oxide naturally contain harmful toxins.

Some chemicals may also make your skin use to it which means whenever you stop using it the problem will come back again. Also natural products does work but yo will have to wait for a long time to finally get results which are also not long term.

In short don’t get confused by the marketing. Natural products aren’t more safer and synthetic products aren’t toxic. And pretty much everything is made of chemicals

Hope you find this post helpful and now you might can choose better for yourself. Have any suggestions leave in the comment section down below what you want to see next. Thankyou so much.


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