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This rich blend of hyaluronic acid, ceramides and fatty oil bases is a holy grail for all dry skin conditions. This lightweight formulation spreads and moisturizes like butter on your skin!

Dry Skin
Holds and distributes moisture in the skin
Atopic dermatitis
Relieves itching
Reduces Transepidermal water loss
Suitable for children and adults

Available on backorder

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How Dermive Oily works?

A person’s skin is impacted by their environment and lifestyle. This can often disturb the natural balance of oils and moisture in the skin. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to take care of the skin everyday. A skin that lacks any moisture or oils, is dry and appears patchy or cracked. Dryness also makes the skin dull and lifeless.

Every dermatologist and skin care professional stresses on how important it is to add a moisturizer in your skin care routine, especially for dry skin people. Dermive Oily Moisturizer is an excellent choice because its rich, yet lightweight formulation is specially designed to help with the dry skin conditions. Moreover, the hyaluronic acid and ceramide penetrate deep in the skin to help to nourish the skin cells, whilst providing a protective barrier to the skin so the moisture loss is limited. The paraffin base of this moisturizer provides extra hydration and much needed healthy fats to the skin so it appears plump and hydrated.

If used as per the directions, Dermive Oily Moisturizer provides improvement in the skin’s texture in 2-4 weeks.