DiliPax Anti Itch Lotion 60ml – Diligence Pharma


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For Soothing & Cooling Itchy Skin Fragrance Free

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  • Apply Dilipax lot that provides you instant relief from Millaria, Inesect Bite, Sunburn and other associated dermatitis.
  • Dilipax contain zinc oxide, camphor, menthol and phenol that provides your patinets strong anti-inflammatory, soothing and cooling effects.
  • Dilipax lotion is gentle enough to not further irritate senstive and dry skin.
  • Dilpax lotion is clincally proven to be suitable for whole body use and are appropriate for all age.

Directions of Use: 

Apply a thin layer of Dilipax lotion on effected area and rub gently. Avoid contact from mouth, nose and Eyes.


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