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Formulated with exceptional ingredients, Spectra block max SPF 100 prevents the harmful UVA and UVB rays from affecting the skin. This formulation is a combination of physical and chemical ingredients to provide the maximum benefit. It is oxybenzone-free.

SPF 100
Tinted to protect against visible light
No white cast
Premature aging
Shine free
Suitable for face and body


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How Spectra Block Max Works?

Ultraviolet rays come naturally from the sun, generally classified as UVA, UVB and UVC rays. These UV rays are also emitted by artificial sources such as lamps and tanning beds.

Specta block max having SPf 100 and PA+++ is an excellent combination sunscreen that works by absorbing and reflecting the harmful UV rays from the sun and protecting the skin against their harsh effects. The microfine texture allows the skin to breathe and that makes it a non-comedogenic product. It also allows it to absorb well into the skin without leaving behind any white cast. Due to the tint present in it, it doubles as a bb cream and a sunscreen so you don’t have to invest in multiple products!

Spectra block max is absolutely essential in everyday skincare regime because it protects the skin not only from the sun, but from the signs of early aging as well. This formula is exceptionally hydrating so it keeps the skin super healthy!