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Derma Clin Forte 20gm - Dermatechno

Derma Clin Forte 20gm - Dermatechno

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Derma-Clin Forte cream is an expert-level formula composed of a powerful active ingredient: Alpha Arbutin - demonstrating promising results against freckles, light brown patches, hyperpigmentation, and Melasma. Regular use of Derma Clin Forte inhibits the growth of tyrosine, which aids the amino acid to shape melanin and ensures the finest treatment for dry skin and surface wrinkles.

How to use? Gently apply a small quantity to the affected areas preferably at bedtime, use a broad-spectrum sunscreen such as (U-Veil Forte SPF60) at day time. Apply the cream twice a day concerning AM and PM, or as per your doctor’s instructions.

Key Ingredients Alpha Arbutin Topical Use Only  

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