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Aklen Foaming Cleanser 120ml - Crystolite Pharma

Aklen Foaming Cleanser 120ml - Crystolite Pharma

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Aklen Foaming Cleanser 120ml, expertly crafted by Crystolite Pharma, is the ultimate solution for managing acne and controlling oily skin.

This powerful cleanser also excels in deep pore cleansing. Dermatologically tested and rigorously perfected in the lab.

Akeln's formula features a potent blend of active ingredients, including Glycolic Acid, Sakura Extract, Cucumber Extract, Neem Leaf Extract, and Pentavitin.

Discover the superior performance of Aklen Foaming Cleanser in a convenient 120ml bottle. Trust in Crystolite Pharma for your skincare needs, and experience the best care for your skin.

Suitable For
Acne & Oily Skin


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